All You Need to Know about Chinese Ginger Prices

Posted on: February 6th, 2018

CHINA UNCENSORED! Chinas manufacturing, the crisis in Chinas stock market, and consistent fluctuation in China ginger prices; these issues have become a burning question in the market these days, and a key source of high TRP ratings in all news channel as well.

However, if we talk about the fluctuation in Chinese ginger prices and the role of ginger suppliers; then one thing is sure; this vegetable is the most demanding, yet highly sought-after exporting product in the trading world.

The top ten countries where China gingers are imported include; United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Whereas, the top three provinces from where China gingers are exported are; Yunnan, Guangdong, and Shandong. Shandong occupies the first place for owing accounts for 88.31% of total exports of Chinese ginger.

The reports state that; the domestic amount of ginger produced this year was generally during the mega harvest in the northern region. Total outputs are increasing each day, causing market supply to beat demand, this results in dropping of ginger prices.

On the other hand, the farmers have swung to the old garlic in their storage facilities and therefore felt the effect when new ginger hit the market and costs steeply fell once more.

What is the cause of fluctuating Chinese Ginger Prices?

Following are the fluctuation causes of Chinese ginger prices;

  • The first basic cause of fluctuation in prices of ginger is their storage method. Though, there are different storage methods of both which results in effecting their prices.


  • Cold storage method is used for garlic after harvest, the buys are in charge of most products. On the other hand, gingers are mostly stored in farmers cellars. The number of cold storage products are comparatively less than other storing methods.


  • This is the reason cold storage amount is even less from the past two years, whereas the ginger price keeps on oscillating for its storing method.


  • In other words, human speculation factors are also responsible for rise and fall in
    Chinese ginger prices.
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