How to Buy Green Coffee Beans?

Posted on: April 2nd, 2018

When it comes to looking for perfect coffee to roast at home, or a coffee that has a long lifespan then you might feel amused to learn that most people look for green coffee beans. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is.

Before you approach towards reputed green coffee bean suppliers, let me guide you the right way to buy green coffee beans. Are you ready? Take a look at the following steps mentioned below;

Steps to buy Green Coffee Beans


1. Choose a Region

Prior choosing your coffee bean, first you need to choose a right region, from which country and what kind of flavor you want your coffee to have.

If you need a medium to light roast, then get beans from the south or Central America, as coffee beans from these two places are known for their floral, citrus, and delicate flavors. Some well-known espresso yielding nations in Central and South America are:

Mexico: The Mexican green espresso beans are natural, and contains chocolaty, & light nutty flavor

Kenya: The green coffee beans belonging to this region produces complex roasts with black. Citrus, and currant flavors.

Costa Rica: These coffee beans make a substantial dish with nut and citrus flavors

Ethiopia: Ethiopia is popular for providing all kinds of green coffee beans which are rich in distinct flavors, ranging from sweet, fruity, spicy, to nutty.

Brazil: The coffee in this region is quite sweet and delicate, with chocolate and nut flavors

2. Ask Sellers about Their Beans

Invest a bit about the coffee beans, their type, and quality with your sellers. Ask if the coffee bean is Arabica or Robusta since coffee beans mainly fall under these two categories. Arabica and Robusta are produced and grown individually, hence theres a wide difference in their flavor and quality such as;

Arabica coffee beans are by and large considered to deliver a dish with more alluring flavors. They’re more costly than Robusta beans.


While, Robusta coffee beans are considered to have a less alluring flavor profile than Arabica beans, yet they’re less expensive and a few people get a kick out of the chance to utilize them in mixes and coffee.

Secondly, ask your supplier how green coffee beans are processed. The reliable supplier should enlighten you how their coffee beans are processed if theyre sure enough their product is an authenticated one.

Usually, coffee processing involves two methods; dry (natural) processing and wet (washed) processing

  • Dry (natural processing produces heavier, and sweeter coffee beans with a more distinct taste
  • Wet (Washed) processing produces light beans with the clean taste

3. Look for Green Coffee Characteristics

Another best way to buy the best green coffee is, to look for one which comprises of multiple characteristics. Usually, folks look for one which is fruity, light or heavy, or nutty. The best suggestion is to look for green coffee beans as it offers all these characteristics including;

Body: the body coffee can be easily felt in the mouth, hence it should feel thick in the mouth, while others feel thinner and lighter

Flavor: A good coffee flavor is something that is well roasted, rich in taste, and makes you feel lost in its dazzling aroma. It could also include flavors like caramel, chocolate, and berry.

Acidity: It is also one of the striking features of good coffee! More acidic, crisper, refreshing, and clear in taste

Balance: the balanced coffee is when no one flavor stands out over the others. It further enables you to enjoy all flavors equally.

Complexity: Lastly, complexity also makes a basic characteristic of good coffee. If you need something with a variety of flavors and attributes. Complex espressos multidimensional.

4. Make a Successful Purchasing

In order to make a successful purchasing, then plan before you go to store. You should know from which region, you need your green coffee. If there are any characteristics or flavor profiles youre really interested in, write them down on a piece of paper and bring it with you so you can show the seller.

Get your green coffee beans in small amount first. Take your beans, and roast them at home. If it fulfills your roasted requirement, then buy it in large quantity on next visit. Doing this will save you from wasting your dollars on buying green coffee which you dont even like before.

The most important thing you need to ponder before buying your coffee is, ensure your beans arent roasted. Both green and cooked espresso beans are entire espresso beans that are sold in packs, so constantly twofold check with the dealer that the beans you’re obtaining are unroasted, green espresso beans.

Not certain where to purchase green espresso beans face to face? Look online for “green coffee bean suppliers close me” to locate a neighborhood merchant.

Regardless of whether the pack doesn’t state the beans are simmered, request that the vendor simply make certain.



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