Leading Suppliers of Premium Quality Dry Red Chilli at Discounted Prices

QIUBEI YUNRUI AGRO DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD is an established exporter and Chilli supplier based in China. We deals in supplying large array of distinctive aromatic and flavorful fresh dry and red Chilli for every day needs for restaurant and home cooking. In China we are recognized as predominant supplier of spices. Our Chillies are produced by the help of top quality fertilizers and Chilli seeds offering the best flavor and aroma. As a leading Chilli suppliers our range of dried Chilli are used not only in China but across the globe as a base spice. Our fresh Chillies and Chilli powder is widely used in curries and other cuisines. QIUBEI YUNRUI AGRO offer Chillies with dark red colors and incredible hotness that is the evidence of our quality.

Enjoy Exceptional Crunch with Our Dry Chilli

If you are missing out that unique crunch hotness of dried Chillies and got fed up with artificial and unhealthy preservatives. QIUBEI YUNRUI AGRO DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD offers you the best collection of dry and red Chilli to never miss out that typical crunch and hot flavor of Chilli. We as a leading Chilli supplier helps you to add a much stronger peppery flavor to all of your meals. All of our featured varieties of Chillies are 100% fresh and organic cropped with the finest and top quality fertilizers. From placing orders to getting it your home we offer customized packaging that is damage free that lets you enjoy the freshness at your home with increased shelf life.

QIUBEI YUNRUI AGRO DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD as a leading kidney beans, and dry chilli suppliers always strive to deliver you with the best possible products, from packaging to distributing. Our team of professional experts examine every aspect of quality and make sure to fulfill the requirements and expectations of our customers worldwide. Being China’s largest dry chilli supplier and exporters our out-standing quality is the evident of our professionalism. All of red chillies goes through different phases of rigorous quality testing that ensure every unit is exactly the same as other in regard of quality, colors, size, taste and texture. Before distributing to the local and international markets all of our batches are certified by the Chinese food safety and health board.

Fiery Hotness Packed with Nutrition

QIUBEI YUNRUI AGRO DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD offers Chillies with fiery hotness and phenomenal nutritional benefits. As leading Chilli supplier we offer a wide range of cuisines for exceptional flavor and a hot blend. We are the only leading Chilli suppliers across china that provide great flavor and color to your food. Our offered Chilli are purely organically cultivated and strictly cleaned to assure hygiene by experienced workers. With our intelligent packaging we assure that the Chillies are free from any contamination. We assure highest quality standards of Chilli for home and restaurant uses.

International Quality Standards

We assure that our Chillies, beans, gingers and all products are of highest quality standards that meets international quality checks. We use advance food grade packaging that helps protect Chillies from heat, moisture, humidity and other external factors that might harm the quality of Chillies. As a professional Chillies supplier our storehouses are intelligently designed and managed to increase the shelf life of Chillies. There is number of increasing chilli supplier adopting various unhealthy and harmful practices to increase the shelf life and freshness of chilies intact. But, At Yunruiagro we only use international standard ways of preserving chillies and hence we have setup and ideal environment at our warehouse that is best for storing chillies and is chartered by the China’s food health and safety bodies. Our range of available red chillies are hand-picked from farm where all the deformed, over-ripped and substandard one are discarded immediately when detected. Only the finest quality one with the ideal shape, color, texture and size are chosen to put to further processing.

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