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Yunrui Agro Development Co., prides itself as being a top dried ginger suppliers across China. We bring finest quality dry gingers from our farms by using 100% organic fertilizers. As dry ginger is one of the commonly used ingredient in numerous type of cuisines, medicine and other dishes. We are one of the leading ginger suppliers of organic farm fresh dried gingers providing rich natural nutrients and several cure ailments. By offering fresh and top quality gingers our clients are highly satisfied by the taste and soothing aroma. We have our own farm that made a unique leading brand as suppliers and exports of fresh gingers across China and different countries. We have huge supply chain that supplies fresh ginger to commercial bakers, sauce makers, ice cream companies, chocolatiers, beverage manufacturers, confectioners, repackers, distributors as well as non-food manufacturers. We have top quality fertilizers and ginger growing catalysts that is free from preservatives, colors, additional inorganic agents that are unhygienic and health hazardous.

Add Health & Flavor to Your meals with Fresh Ginger

Yunrui Agro Development Co., offers its customers highest quality fresh gingers to add incredible flavor and health benefits to their meals. Being a top ginger suppliers all of our featured dried gingers are fresh with natural aroma providing meals with an amazing flavor. Ginger is commonly consumed spice that can be consumed in numerous ways. Its use is not just restricted to cuisines but it can be used in several other forms. Being a top ginger suppliers in China our ginger is widely used in the making of pickle, sauces and worldwide cuisines.  Our offered ginger is fresh and hence it can be used for every application including preparation of gingerbread and ginger cookies and cakes.

Use Fresh Ginger for the Best Cooking Experience

We as a renowned dried ginger suppliers we help you to pick the best quality ginger that will add much exoticness to your meals and provide rich flavoring. Our complete range of gingers are knobby, fingerlike branches that are supplied to various supermarkets and hypermarkets across China. We recommend our customers to only choose ginger that is smooth, with unblemished skin that is easily available at our website and you get it anytime anywhere by our ginger suppliers providing wide services.  As our ginger is extremely fresh and organic and contains no artificial preservatives hence you can easily store ginger at room temperature for at least a week.

Strict Quality Controlling Assuring You Farm Freshness

Yunrui Agro Development Co., keeps a strict quality check over the quality of our gingers. We are the only ginger suppliers in China that offers organic gingers free from preservative and harmful fertilizers. We offer gingers that are free form cold storage and can be used for a number of various applications. Our quality controlling mechanism checks each and every batch of ginger to assure highest quality standards and the best quality is delivered to our customers.


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